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I have sons so I’m particularly interested in establishing some guidelines on that front. Buddy, according to no less an august source than the Cambridge Dictionary, can be used as a form of address “when talking to a man, sometimes in a friendly way but often when you are annoyed.” The example they give is “Drink up and go home, buddy.” But in my mind, because I didn’t go to Cambridge nor am I a bouncer, buddy is always part of the phrase, “Hey buddy, go fuck yourself.” Obviously that’s not what I want to tell my kid — at least not all the time. Either way, it’s a term of familiarity that may actually be more akin to calling your wife “Papa.”And even if you use buddy as a term of endearment rather than a nickname per se, why use a word that, later on, will be the source of suffering for your child? One day your son will be standing in the bike lane waiting for a light to change and a bicyclist (probably me) will pass him and say, “Hey, buddy. ” And in your son’s mind, great disturbances will transpire because buddy was what you called him and yet he is now being called buddy by someone who wishes him ill.

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